Track By Tracks: The Corona Lantern - Certa Omnibus Hora (2020)

1. As Wide Eyes Travel:

An album opener, evoking slightly sad atmosphere only to dive into contrasting, heavy riffs. Certain lethargy is noticeable; however, it is combined with and endeavour to understand why the thing are happening the way they do. Metaphorical self-questioning regret is followed by metaphorical death which will be replaced by something new. The song is undoubtedly dominated by the final passage, which is repeated again and again and gradually increases in its intensity. 

2. Through This Swamp of Oblivion:
The most significant and bold song from the whole album, which was selected as an introductory single. The song is about an uneasy situation, where a person is forced to make a decision, where everything is depressing, aggravating, and unavoidable at the same time. Several contradictory atmospheres are interchanging within this track, up-roaring rocking tirades, riffs, which are playing with your nerves as well as slower parts with frenetic vocals. 

3. Up the Last Hill:

Lyrically the oldest and probably the most emotional song from the whole album. The text for it was written at the turn of 2017 and 2018 and metaphorically describes the path of the old man to the afterlife. The whole composition has a gloomy and longing sound, the conclusion then seems melancholic, but compared to the previous crushing passages, there is a feeling of liberation and finality.
4. Hours Between Heartbeats:

Lyrics were written in lock-down during the first wave of the Covid-19. The passages are repeated, and the moods alternate evenly - the punching opening riffs that make your head bang are in contrast with the relaxed mood-creating passages. The theme of this song is a personal view of the sudden separation, the foreverness of the moment and the inability to change the situation. 

5. Make Me Forget:

This song begins with minimalist beats and long tones, turns into acute recitation of singing and melodic passages. The main idea is that whatever one does, it will always have consequences that will have the same outcome. Success and disappointment revolve around each other and are therefore transient, the only certainty is the certainty of our end. The song ends with a surprising emo riff, which in tandem with the lyrics has a certain perspective. 

6. The Truth and Its Will:

The final song, which also has the most open text, which can be interpreted in many ways. It tries to communicate that personal truth is above all for ourselves - an internal matter and does not serve to justify oneself before the world. The more we try to understand ourselves and think we are ready to take the next step, the more it pulls us back. The song is full of contrasts, moods change a lot again and the finale is marked by a purebred black riff, disappearing into the distance.

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