Track By Tracks: The Deathless Dogs - Five Across The Eyes (2020)

1. Wages:

This track serves to set the tone for the rest of the EP. After an intro of ambient noise it drops to one guitar and one voice, both filled with grit and disdain. Touching on themes that will be further explored in the tracks to come. 

2. Broken Years:

The story of Eddy's (Guitar/Vocals) time after returning from the Iraq war, and the subsequent issues he faced. A combat veteran who survived a bomb blast which left him with no visible injuries, but plenty of unseen consequences. Fast paced slide guitar, stomping rhythm, and a wall of gang vocals in the chorus, this instrumentation lives up to the heavy lyrical lyrical content. 

3. Scania: 

This song looks back on Eddy's time in Iraq, and specific memories from the thousands of miles he logged on desert roads. Somewhat Ironically, this is the happiest song on the record, and it is about living through war. Eastern influenced guitar lines accompanied by heavy swinging drums and tons of auxiliary percussion. Our friend Dave Armstrong of The WRST played bass on this entire EP, and he really shines on this song. 

4. Faceplant:

Back to current day, we arrive at the angriest track on the EP. A tale of hopelessness and broken promises that is all too relatable for many veterans. A steady chugging rhythm serves as a guide for the grievances listed in the verses, until the chorus pounds home the fact that, "You never could win," with the full on metal scream of our good friend Teddy Tucents of DRAG DOWN. This track also features a red hot guitar solo by Andy Muller of The WRST. 

5. Bring It In:

A semi-acoustic intro about the struggles of personal relationships, before breaking into an up tempo rager about the woes of 9-5 life. Bordering on a kicked up, heavy, motown-esque sound with stomp clap drums, tambourine, and saxophones. This song is pure energy once it kicks in, and doesn't let up until the drums are kicked over at the end.

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