Track By Tracks: Focal Dystonia - Descending (In)Human Flesh (2020)

All the music has been written by me (Floor). The main idea behind this project was to write a Brutal Death Metal album and maintain that oldskool raw feeling. The drums are recorded by Florent Duployer in Switzerland. For vocals I chose to have a different vocalist on every track. This resulted in 12 vocalist’s from all around the world. Ironically enough there are no lyrics on the songs, just the guttural art and capability of these artists. However the album tells a story about the mind and body taken over by demons with the following topics: 

1. Ascending Thy Abhorrent Gods:

The demon gods are ascending from the darkest depths to your innocent mind. 

2. Subjected To Sickness:

Your body is leaving the will to fight, while the demons take over your body. 

3. Anatomy Of Animosity:

Captures the process of breeding the hostility until the body can’t resist it. 

4. Everlasting Diabolic Seizures:

In the process of your body being taken over, seizures will occur. Caused by demonic entities. 

5. Pinnacle Of Deranged Euphoria:

Halfway through the transformation, your mind will be at an all time high where nothing will be controlled anymore… 

6. The Glacial Distorted Bone:

The body is slowly giving up, bones deformed from the seizures and left in the cold. 

7. Cognizance Of Obscurity:

There is no known knowledge from where or who these entities are. 

8. Neurotic Depravity:

Coming down from your deranged euphoria and realizing there is nothing left for you anymore. 

9. Scorching The Soul:

If there was any small hope left in your soul, it’s gone now. 

10. Descending (in)human Flesh:

Now that the soul is gone, the demons have fully descended into the new flesh… 

The vocalists we have announced so far are: Paolo Chiti (Devangelic), Don Campan (Waking the Cadaver), Sven Van Dijk (Korpse), Andy Tseung (Soils of Fate), Larry Wang (Maggot Colony) and Vladislav Martirosov & Ars “Red Beton” Kovalchuk (Extermination Dismemberment). There are 5 more to be announced + 2 guest guitar solos.

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