Track By Tracks: The Inferno Doll - Sacrifice (2020)

1. Sacrifice:

An atmospheric and dark song. It begins with a soothing melody, the agony and intense pain of a creature of the night being reborn through a ritual of fire and in order to live and fulfill its dreams, it has to make endless Sacrifices and leave most of its old life behind. 

2. Ghost Waltz:

The Ghost, the entity, a dark love song. The spectrum would lure visitors in the forest to her house and she will tell them, in a very pensive voice, how lonely and loveless is to live as a shadow, a spirit unable to be heard or to feel the warmth of the human touch. The solitude eats up whatever form of life is left inside the spectre until it's nothing but a memory. And it feeds on human emotions. 

3. Land of the Lords:
It begins with a war cry like melody. It's the anger and disappointment towards all the "Lords" abusing of their power, any form of power. They feel superior to the human race but we are not going to tolerate the abuse any longer.

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