Track By Tracks: Manu Armata - Invictus (2020)

The overall idea of the album is to give people motivation and a positive/PMA boost. Whether you are having a difficult time in life you have to get through, want to lift heavy in the gym or just want to be inspired to get up and get after your dreams and/or goals. We wanted people to be inspired in a positive way after listening to ‘Invictus’ Therefore you will find a lot of similarities in the subject matter on this album but still covering different aspects of life in the lyrics. 

1. Initium:

Just the intro, the spoken words speak for themselves so no comment. 

2. Remain Radical:

Remain Radical means sometimes you have to be radical. Radical meaning you have to stick to your beliefs, do what you think is best, go against the grain although people expect you to do otherwise. When they expect you to fall in line and walk the easy road. Sometimes you have to stand up for your beliefs. Not be hard headed, keep an open mind. But sometimes the only option is to be radical and do what you think is best without caring about what other people think or say and follow your own path. 

3. Rise & Fall:

Rise & Fall is pretty self explanatory. We fall down in life and have to pick ourselves back up and continue. Even though we fall, if we pick ourselves up we can rise up again and do great things. 

4. Nothing is Given:

Nothing is given tells the story that you have to work for something if you want it. Things aren't just handed to you on a silver platter (at least for most of us) You can bitch and moan about it or you can get up and do something about it. Go after your dreams and make shit happen. 

5. Strength of Mind:

Strength of mind is about showing great resilience when people around you talk you down, when the haters and keyboard warriors tell you things can’t be done and dreams are for giving up. This song is about proving them wrong. 

6. Havoc & Distress:

Havoc & Distress talks about people living in their own bubble. Sometimes you have to open up and listen to other people. Being narrow minded and stuck in your ways can prevent you from seeing how things really are. People always look at things how they want to see it and how it feels for themselves. Sometimes people forget to place themselves in other people's shoes and take in account other people's views. You always form an opinion based on how you interpret the facts for yourself, not necessarily how other people view them. Having an open mind especially in this social media algorithm age is a very good habit to have and can keep you from getting narrow minded and ignorant. 

7. Darkest Hour:

Darkest Hour tells about the darkest moments in life when you have lost a loved one or you encounter other hardship and misery. Even when everything is black even then is there a way back up. When it doesn’t feel like it and you want to give up. There is always a road that leads back up. 

8. Warrior Mentality:

Warrior Mentality is about having the mentality of a warrior. Not meaning you have to be a soldier and go to war for the men. We all have to be warriors in life. A warrior takes care of himself both mentaly and physically, he is ready to fight if he has to. However there is so much more. A warrior takes care of his family and friends. A warrior helps the weak and shows compassion. A warrior stands for injustice. A warrior does what is right. A warrior has honor and doesn’t put people down for his own benefit. A warrior is honest and just. I can go on but you get the idea. And although this commentary is written out of the male perspective, the same goes for every female on the planet!

9. Still Here:

Still here is about being still here. You may have encountered trouble and hardship in life. Things might not have gone the way you plannen. You got knocked down, lost loved ones. But you survived until now and you are still here.
10. No victory 2020:

No Victory 2020 is a re-recording of the title song from our first EP ‘no Victory Without Strife’. It tells about the road you have to travel to get somewhere in life. The title says it all, if you want to accomplish something, you have a goal you want to reach that will not come easy. This goes hand in hand with struggle,sacrifices and hard times. A war is not won without doing battle. 

11. From The Heart 2020: 

From the Heart 2020 is a re-recording of the title song from our EP ‘From the Heart In Your Face’. This has been our credo since the day we started doing this. Making the music we love from our heart, hard and aggressive so it's in your face. The song is about letting the anger out and no longer contain it inside. Speaking your mind even though it is not always what people want to hear. 

12. Final Words:

Just the outro, the spoken words speak for themselves so no comment here as well.

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