Track By Tracks: Overt Enemy - Inception x Possession (2020)


A classic instrumental intro “Inception” was originally written and recorded for the indie horror film “Blood Tapes”. Doomy acoustic guitars meet haunting samples and a soulful lead set the stage for the epic album to come.
2. Political Cancer: 

“Political Cancer” is warning shot to the political elite with lyrics that ring true worldwide. Machine gun drums and soaring guitars ride a razor bass groove while vocals leave no doubt about our conviction. 

3. Mercenary:

What happens when someone has no choice? Inspired by Slayer classics like 213 and Seasons in the Abyss, “Mercenary” is a tale of those that must do the unthinkable to survive. 

4. At Dawn They Sleep: 

One of our favorite Slayer songs. It’s about vampires and one of Slayer’s more progressive songs. Always a fan favorite and was one of Sirius XM Liquid Metal’s Top 10 covers of 2019. We are honored to do justice to our favorite band. 

5. In the End We Died: 

A story about the zombie apocalypse told from the perspective of a zombie in retrospect. This song is one of the more progressive and experimental thrash songs on the album. It includes an ultra shred guest solo by our producer Joshua Lopez of Immortal Guardian. 

6. Blood God: 

Inspired by the film Apocalypto “Blood God” is about Myan ritual sacrifice. It’s stripped down gigantic groove guaranteed to make the crowd headbang. This song is also the title track for the upcoming indie horror film “Jaws of Los Angeles”.

7. Pray For Death:

There are no atheists in foxholes. “Pray for Death” shows some of our death metal influences and always results in a huge circle pit when we play live. 

8. Possession:

This is “Texas Modern Thrash” and a great example of where we are going from a song writing perspective. We are a band that takes a lot of pride in crafting songs that combine a wide variety of influences and writing lyrics that make the listener think. “Possession” is about our global addiction to connectivity and how we are possessed by our devices worshiping “the god in our hand”. Musically is a combo of Texas Groove & Extreme Metal with some progressive influences. “Possession” was recently featured in the indie horror film “5G Zombies” 

9. Instrumentals:
Inception x Possession includes instrumental versions of each song as bonus tracks which really open up the songs for new interpretation by the listener. 

10. Demos:

We have included the final “working” demos” for each of the songs as bonus tracks for this release as well. These are “warts and all” recordings done live in our practice space while we were writing. Some things changed in the studio and we have always enjoyed heading the pre-production demos from our favorite bands. 

11. Unreleased songs:

Lastly we have included a remastered version of the original recording of “Mercenary” which was also in the indie horror film “Blood Tapes” and an unfinished song called “Scapegoat”.

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