Track By Tracks: Vis Mystica - Celestial Wisdom (2020)

1.Whispering Winds of Fate:

The second this song was written we knew that it was going to end up being the opening track on the record; the energy of it just seemed to resonate with that. This track kickstarts the story of the EP by introducing us to the planet that everything will take place on; the ancient Je’Daii homeworld of Tython. Jonas Heidgert from Dragonland did an unbelievable job on this track; he’s as much of a nerd for this subject as we are!
2. Legacy of the Builders:
We reconvened with our friend David Moote from Operus on this song as we knew that it required his operatic touch on things! This is probably the darkest track on the EP, as it deals with the introduction of our villains: the sinister Rakatan Empire. It will showcase their devious intentions and desire for immortality among the stars.  
3. The Plains of Silence:
The first song written for the record! Probably the most straightforward of our songs on the album, this is a fast and happy song about a young Je’Daii discovering her powers in the sanctity of the SIlent Desert of Tython while also searching for her wayward brother.    

4. Lux Et Veritas:
Our first collaboration with the extraordinary David Moote, this song is a bombastic trip through space and time with layers upon layers of vocals and orchestration. Continuing the story, this track deals with the Prisoner of Bogan: Daegan Lok and his visions of the coming war of Tython with an army wielding blades of fire.    

5. Beyond the Gates of Fury:

The final track on the album and the closer (for now!) of our story, this extremely fast and heavy song deals with the final battle of the Force Wars of Tython between the Je’Daii and the Rakatan Empire. It features easily the most difficult guitar solo on the entire album and seems a fitting way to conclude our opening chapter!

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