Band Biographies: Averted

Averted is a UK Metalcore/Prog Metal formed in Southampton by Jamie and Merlin in April 2018, it started as a side project for them to explore the techy side of metalcore. They co-wrote a few songs before they started looking for other members and were joined by Logan and Syhem in 2019. In June 2019 they started writing their first EP "Silenced", as all members of the band live in different cities the whole process was done remotely in their respective home studios and the 6 songs were completed in a few months. 

In October 2019 they began to record their debut EP with producer Jack Stephens (Bloodshot Dawn, Mask of Judas) which was shortly followed by shooting a video with Sebastian Taguiang. The band is now patiently waiting at home until they can bring their songs on stage (when it is safe to do so!) and are using this time to work on a first album.

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