Band Biographies: Cesspool Of Corruption

Cesspool of Corruption was initially formed in 2012 under a different name, but was that was quickly changed to the name as it is now. The band was formed upon the return of Blake Humphrey to the DFW area in the spring of 2012, when he linked up with brothers Matt and Mike Leach. The three had initially began playing together many years before but were separated as Blake moved away. However, the bond remained and the three reconnected and picked up where they left off. The decision was made to move from six string guitars to seven strings to add heaviness, while also expanding the overall amount of options on the fretboard. Mike and Blake began handling vocal duties together, splitting them between the two. The decision was made as the three were unable to find additional members that suited the needs of the band. This issue was especially true when it came to finding a drummer that fit the demands of the music that was being crafted. That said, the band did not stop even with the lack of members to complete the project and allow live shows. A homemade demo was crafted feature a few songs that would be on what would become the initial EP. The band continued to sharpen up their skills playing the EP, which was primarily crafted by guitarist Matt Leach while he was playing with his brother Mike during Blake’s absence, as the two struggled to find an active band with members that had the drive to achieve their overall vision and goals musically. After the EP was wrapped, the band began writing their full length and beyond while they awaited someone who would fill the vacancy behind the drum throne. This call was answered by Brennan Shackelford in the latter end of 2014, and the band began to prepare for hitting the live scene in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Cesspool of Corruption played their first show in January of 2015, and began the process of grinding in the local music scene systematically over the next few years. The band expanded its reputation locally among other locals in the scene, and played a slew of prolific shows with touring nationals that passed through the area. Some including Origin, Defeated Sanity, Archspire, Vale of Pnath, Inferi, Alterbeast, Arkaik, Inanimate Existence, and countless others. Along the way, they found the time to record their debut EP release over the latter end of 2015 and early 2016. All the hard work finally paid off when Eradication of The Subservient was initially released in August of 2016. Since then, the band has continued to write more music, play more shows, and hit the studio yet again. Now, with the support of Gorehouse Productions, Cesspool of Corruption is poised to continue the upward trajectory they’ve established over the years with the re-release of EoTS via Gorehouse, as well as finalize the upcoming debut full length coming from GH in 2021.

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