Band Biographies: Insect Inside

Insect Inside was formed in 2017 in samll town Zlatoust which place in Chelyabinsk region, South Ural, Russia The initial band member included guitars(Kirill), vocals(Dmitriy) and drums(Daniel) 

For first year band was dropped one single in raw slamming style. It was first expirience for band members in tracking etc. Band was show about 4 shows in borders of this region. Next release its a 2 song promo which was dropped in 2019. 

2020 year band was prepared to release of debut album in Disfigured Prod. but because a difficult relationship band was out from this label roster and to continue preparing to release and decided organization moments. In the start of 2020 the guitarist(Kirill) left the band, and for a few weeks later band comes a new guitarist/basist Michail, our good friend and cool musician. 

So now band just preparing for release debut album in Gore House Productions, and making a video clip.

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