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LIPSHOK. We've been around a while...not that long of course...and we have a rich history. The songs have all been written by Scarlett Dark, even with the first CD, "LIPSHOK: Electress"...then the next "LIPSHOK: In Darkness, Light", and then "LIPSHOK: The Soul of a Broken Mind". "To Haunt a Quiet Realm" in 2016. The music has gotten more and more intense over the years, as can happen as musicians delve deeper into themselves and their art and bring out more emotion and chords and words and stories than ever thought of. Scarlett lives in an imaginative world and this comes out in all her songs, lyrically, and with the haunting and powerful dynamic changes. 

LIPSHOK believes in all the magick in the world, at least Scarlett does, and hopes to bring magick to others through her song writing. This is an original project, with lead vocalist/keyboardist/songwriter Scarlett leading us through the music from the center of the stage, which is highly unusual in and of itself, and that's just an example of what happens live. In the studio, Scarlett does all the lead and harmony vocals, and adds keyboard parts that add to the multi-dimensional feeling of the music. 

New CD planned for 2020: "Shadows of a Dark Heart" 


Scarlett Dark (Debbi Douglas): Lead vocals and keyboards 
Massimiliano Maggiari: Guitar 
Phil Jameson: Bass 
Joe Londeree: Drums

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