Band Biographies: The Machinist

Two years in the making and featuring the talents of members of Reign Of Erebus and NekroDrako, I Am Void is the colossally destructive debut from the mechanised, blackened death metal entity known as The Machinist. Drawing on dark forces and a harsh, unforgiving sense of reality The Machinist are not for the weak of heart or mind. They are a new force in extreme music of spine-shattering intensity that will not bend, break or compromise. 

I Am Void drills into the monstrous human ego like a machine gun, dismantling our arrogance and sense of self importance with unforgiving relish. Yet this blast beat fuelled beast is not just about nihilistic destruction of the human spirit, it’s about accepting the reality of our fleeting, insignificant existence and then valuing every second of it; blazing brightly in the black – living loudly, bravely and honestly. Songs like ‘Magnificent Desolation’ present an unflinching portrait of the darkness that surrounds us, the towering bleakness that can crush us at will and then dare you to scream back at the night with every fibre of your being. It doesn’t matter that ultimate defeat is inevitable, only that you stood tall and fought. Drawing deep from the unfathomable chaos of black metal, the haunted charnel pits of death metal and the clinical, inhuman heart of extreme industrial music The Machinist are a confrontational force to be reckoned with – and I Am Void is their ultimate weapon. 

I Am Void will initially be released on digital format on December 4th, with physical formats to follow in January 2021. This album will see The Machinist staking their claim as one of the most intense extreme metal acts in the UK and their presence will loom large over the year ahead. They are a poison that will elevate or destroy. Immerse yourself in their harsh truths and find the strength to evolve.

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