Band Biographies: Screams Of Syrens

Screams of Syrens hail from the Inland Empire. Known for their theatrical music, SOS doesn't let genres limit them by fusing melodic metalcore, prog metal, and movie scores all into monstrous sound. SOS was started by frontman Trevor Laake and Guitarist Alex Llanos back in 2013. Shortly thereafter, they were joined by guitarist Donald Bolden. The boys cut a 5 song EP entitled Chapter 1: Caravel in 2015 and hit many stages around So Cal opening for huge acts such as The Word Alive, Vanna, Attila, Oceans Ate Alaska, As Blood Runs Black, Palisades, Secrets, The Color Morale, and Slaves. 

After a successful 2015, bassist Julio Robles joined in March of 2016 and drummer Christian Paz late 2016. Late 2019 saw a lineup change with Julio Robles leaving the band and Issac Waters coming in on bass.

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