Behind The Tracks: To Begin Anew - Break New Ground (Single) (2020)

1. How the song was recorded and produced? 

We recorded “Break New Ground” at Blackplate Productions in Dunn, NC outside of Benson. We actually recorded our first single “Arise” as well as “Break New Ground.” “Break New Ground” was recorded over the span of two days. We were in the studio for roughly 18 hours. First step in the recording process was to record a group scratch track as reference. It was a rough live version of the song. Using that reference track, Casey proceeded to record his drum track. Surprisingly enough, Casey knocked it out in the first take. Secondly, we recorded the rhythm guitar sections. Cody pretty much handled this on his own. While recording the rhythm guitars there were a few parts that we decided to change in order for “Break New Ground” to feel “bigger.” Next we recorded lead guitar which was a little bit more of a daunting task. Not only did Macon have to records his lead parts, he had to knock his solo out of the park. After a few attempts and different opinions from fellow band members and our producers, Garrett Barefoot and Jon Berrier, Macon laid down, in our opinion, one of the best solos he has ever written. Finally, Shane came in with the low end and made the bass section stand on a leg of its own. We always do vocals on a second day just to separate that task from recording the instrumentation of the song. It was roughly a week after recording the music portion of “Break New Ground” that Cody and Macon went back to record the lyrical aspect of the song. Cody and Macon have very similar tones in their voices, and they enjoy using harmonies. Cody went in and recorded the main vocal tracks while Macon followed up with secondary vocals and harmonies which brought the song to life. Once all the pieces were together, Jon produced and mastered the track.
2. What the song is about? 

“Break New Ground” is a song about overcoming an addiction of any kind. It tells you that the hope you may be searching for is always within your grasp and that sometimes you just need to accept that little bit of extra motivation, or push, to see that it is and always has been within sight. 

3. How the song was written? 

“Break New Ground” was actually the second song that I ever wrote with To Begin Anew. It started off as most songs do with me sitting in my office noodling on my guitar. I came up with this melody that really connected with me. Shortly after, I started humming what soon would become the chorus over what I was playing. Once I found what I wanted the vocals to do, I wrote the chorus. After writing what I felt like was a strong chorus, I proceeded to write the verses to explain the emotion behind the chorus. That is usually how I write songs, chorus first then the verses. As with the majority of my songs, “Break New Ground” is written in a poetic fashion. 

4. What does the song means to you? 

As mentioned earlier, “Break New Ground” is about overcoming addiction. It is not about one specific type of addiction but all different types of addiction. I believe that most addictions are a mindset and be broken with determination and perseverance. This song is simply a reminder of how strong one’s mind can be. With a clear mind and focus, anything is possible. 

5. Any other cool or funny stories you have regarding the song? 

The day that we were scheduled to record Macon was actually late to the studio. We were concerned that he would not be able to make it. He was having trouble with his phone, and we were unable to contact him. We were unsure if something had happened to him or not. We take our responsibilities to our individual sections very seriously, but we are always willing to help each other out. For instant, while we were in the studio, Casey actually operated Macon’s wah pedal in order for Macon to focus solely on his leads. In between takes, Macon actually recorded a funny version of Nirvana’s “About a Girl” in the style of Puddle of Mudd. It was quite hilarious. You can actually view it on our YouTube channel.

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