Behind The Tracks: Tzarina - Deadsong (Single) (2020)

For singer/guitarist Craig William, drawing lyrical and musical inspiration from old Russian tales and folklore was merely a vehicle for getting to the heart of something much more personal. A project that had been weighing on him artistically finally found its path in 2020. 

Using the post-hardcore genre as a palette for exploring hopelessness and self-loathing, Tzarina’s music is as haunting as it is hard-hitting. Eerie verse melodies and huge driving, even triumphant choruses embody Tzarina’s heavy sound. The poetic and story-driven lyrics are juxtaposed with tapestries of guitar-laden, melodic texture. 

That’s precisely what you get with their debut track, “Deadsong.” Everything from melodic and well orchestrated verses to an over the top but perfectly settled vocal line in the chorus over a sea of heavy and melodic musical texturing. It's one of a few singles that are slated for release between 2020 and 2021 prior to their self-titled upcoming album later next year. 

You can check out Tzarina on Spotify or anywhere else you stream your music.

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