Track By Tracks: Adliga - Kali Paciače Nieba (2020)

1. “Vandrounik” (“Wanderer"):

The song is about a man going through the desert in search of a better fate. Along the way, he's suffering from extreme heat, thirst and uncertainty in his own goal. Eventually, as his strength fades and he falls on the ground, the rain starts falling, bringing the ultimate relief to the wanderer. 

2. Nakanavannie ("Divination"):

First of the two ambient interludes, composed by Sergey Marsov from MarsovSound. 

3. Kali paciače nieba (“When the Sky Melts”):

The song paints an apocalyptic scenery: rivers and seas that drown the land, the sun that overheats and burns everything, mountains that turn into burying mounds. And among that - a desperate realization that humankind stands no chance against all these forces. The final verse admits that with us gone the planet will finally be free from all the emotional turmoil, hatred and evil - the world will finally be at peace. 

4. Buraviesnik ("Thunderbird"):

Second ambient interlude by Sergey Marsov, preparing the listener for the final track. 

5. Boj (“Battle”):

Lyrics describe exactly what the title says - a battle, a biblical one between the forces of light and darkness. From the misty morning and the gathering of the opposing forces to the ominous cawing of the crow, bloody battle itself, and a grim outcome...

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