Track By Tracks: ARHAT - Dead Life (2020)

1. Danger of Death:

Fear of death hindering normal life.

2. Outcast:

Impossibility of living apart from society

3. Dead Life:

The song about a person drowning in routine, living "a dead life"
4. Arhat:

Transcendence to the state of Arhat in buddhism.

5.Stately Ruins:

Metaphoric song about the Red Khmer regime in Cambodia and state propaganda 

6. Mantra:

The song about religious rites and chanting 

7. Faith and Rage:

About the clash between the Bon religion and Buddhism in Tibet (the working title was "Cults Collide") 

8. Freedom:

About political persecutions and state censorship.

9. Maximalism:

About youth maximalism (cap) and susceptibility to radical ideologies.

In general, the concept of the album lies in showing discrepancy between harmony we strive for, like adherents of oriental philosophies, and cruel reality of our time

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