Track By Tracks: Curse Of Eibon - Book Of Eibon (2020)

1. Ahtu:
Ahtu or Nyarlathotep as he is also called is a great old one who spreads the message of Azathot. He loves to spread madness and create chaos amongst people on earth. And even has cults who worship him. This is what the song is about.

2. Tsathouggha:
Is about a entity who waits in N’Kai and who is also worshipped as a god. He has formless spawn who serves him And he waits forever for his sacrifices without moving an inch. 

3. Dagon:

Dagon is loosely based on the novel “The shadow over innsmouth” and is about a village who is poor and almost dying but Manage to find a god who gives them riches and food and in return the people transform into creatures. 

4. Seek to destroy:
Seek to destroy is about a entity who is constantly hunted but can never really be killed. The lyrics are from his point of view.

5. *Book of Eibon:

Book of eibon is about a tome of forbidden knowledge and spells written by the wizard Eibon.

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