Track By Tracks: Immortal Guardian - Psychosomatic (2020)


One day, waking up with the world upside down, seeing all the News’ Channels dictating the next step for nations and mankind, definitely, made all of us think twice about the way we absorb the information that has been given to us. We saw the leaders contradicting themselves over and over, we watched how their propaganda went out of control. We watched lots of things being exposed and lots of issues coming to the surface without any filter. At the end of the day, in order for you to find the truth in lies, you must read between the lines. 


Upon all the effects of the largest quarantine of our time, mankind has faced collectively, for the first time in this century, the real effects of a simultaneous psychological break down. While watching the death numbers tragically go up, the collapse of the world’s economy and all the social issues explode, many of us faced some sort of physical illness or other conditions, caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress, relating to the interaction of mind and body. This song is an eye-opener for a silent pandemic, that nobody talked about in the news, the Psychosomatic effects. 


Millions people for the first time, encountered a mandatory prison, in a state of isolation or restricted access, instituted as a security measure. If you are rich or poor, influential or nor, this was the time that everyone, was forced to be locked away. This time we all felt like we were all the same, if you are human, you are in this game! That was when we asked ourselves if the lockdown was the virus itself. Did isolation really save our lives? Or it just created other issues in which we were not aware? Are we alone until we die? Lockdown approaches all those issues. 


An extreme and irrational fear, in the year of 2020, brought several people to the lowest points in their mental state. All our thoughts have overthrown any kind of future hope. And this aversion to something unknown by men, created a catastrophic train-of thought, that inevitably made us all collectively asked ourselves: how many days do we have before we die? Everything happened so fast, legislation was passed, anxiety attacks, sanity collapse. Is it a phobia when the truth takes our breath away? When we can't sleep as thousands die a day? Is it a phobia when you fear to live another day? 

In times of crisis, human race faces our arch enemy as mortals, “Time”. Our time tics in many different ways, and this battle increases our burden, as we can't find our way out. Within the chaos that our time creates, when history repeats itself, the past becomes outspoken, and the fears about the future reveal themselves as being, merely, a repetition of our past mistakes. Lost in an uncertain present, we can’t find our way, in a vicious cycle, corrupting our brain. But only time can heal itself. This song will make you think of your purpose and make you ask yourself, when it’s time to Clock your way out? 


Good bye to farewells, literally, states the end of all funerals, burials, in days that no services are to be held! In the tragic reality of these times, thousands of people were robbed of the right to say their last goodbyes to their loved ones, due to risks, and consequences. Therefore, it’s time to say good-bye to all the farewells, no autopsy, no proof to see, now they are all simply gone. No chance for forgiveness, answers, nor even comfort for the loved ones that are left isolated in their own homes, in lockdown. Living through a tragedy with no closure, as It’ll haunt our dreams with eternal grief. Goodbye to Farewells, is a track that brings those issues to the surface. 

The ritual of lighting a candle to pay tribute to a life 'passed' has, for long, been a part of our culture, this track, the candlelight goes to “no tears onto the other side”! As we celebrate the “life” of the ones that passed not their “death”. The Candlelight will keep the light burning in remembrance, signifying that the memory of all our loved ones, those who were lost during these difficult times, will still live on forever. This song is also a ritual that promotes reflection about the living, about the realization that we all have been given a chance, every night, we make our shadows dance, through the light of a candle, for a new day rising in the morning, if you’re alive, be grateful. You have been given another chance. 

A new day rises with a new way to live our lives, where we were meant to start again, we were given another chance to get along, because our new future lies within. A new day rises and it’s plagued by a virus, but several different points of view lie with this concept. One of them and the clearest is that man, can’t be a god! We all have seen that we are all equal in vulnerability. Therefore, we are now, also aware that we must break free from defiance and listen to science, because it’ll spare no one. No religion, no wealth. A new day Rises for a brighter age of mankind, full of consciousness and reason. 

In conclusion to the full album, a person gets to face all this reality surrounding us with no more reason to live, when looking back on life, our dreams came all undone. Millions of people have had their dreams vanished away. A global crash makes anything impossible. While fighting to survive for life not guaranteed, we all still need to find a reason why to live, searching for the meaning of this life. Fighting against this feeling of emptiness, so we can live another day, trying to find a reason why to give another chance, before, we close our eyes. The reason why to live is a lot bigger than life itself. Find The Reason.

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