Track By Tracks: INFIRMUM - Walls Of Sorrow (2020)

1.To Darkness:

Riff with the bending was in my mind since autumn 2018 and finally I could record it away. Quite easily and fast song was composed. Had problems with lyrics but ”To Darkness” line found it’s place very easily and after that lyric were quite soon finished. OK song to begin the album. For all those who died in all kind of purges.
2. Cause of Sorrow:

Work in title was the same. First riff just came and after it song was easy to compose. Some problems with arrangement though. At the beginning song was muuuuuch longer. Riffs make this song to be alive and I like how heavy this one is. Root cause of sorrow. It is about that. 

3. Shadows of the Past:

This was very hard for me to find lyrics. Simple song and I put layers after another to grow the song. 

I considered many times if this was too different but I am happy I put this to album. About past lives and mistakes and how we still have our scars from different times of our lives. Do we dare to live even some things may try to drag you down.

4. Silence:
Main riff was on my head and I could not get rid off it so this song was born. Those growls came naturally while practicing the song at home. I grow the song with heavy guitars and simple and nice licks. About past and how hard it is sometimes to break the circle. 

5. Doomed:

While practising the song at home ”Doomed” growls and lyrics for chorus came naturally. Was much longer in the beginning and it is very traditional song both lyrically composition wise. Nice beginning with bass. Very nice to play. 

6. Wake Me:

Very simple idea grows to be a song. Simple song by simple mind.... Riff for verse was pain to compose, could not find anything for it. Then after long break (2 weeks is eternity for me) I found this one. Not bad I would say. Not bad song at all if you ask me. It is about life and if you want to see the truth or not. 

7. Autumn Breeze: 

From two riffs to whole song. I wanted something fast to the end of the song, to create ”what the F...”- moment. Lots of problems with the lyrics. Quite dark atmosphere and nice and heavy song. About life another song. How your dreams and hopes may burn away. 

8. Sail Away:

Only song which was ready before March 2019. Lyrics was very easy to write and whole song was very painless to compose. This song is even little too ”happy” but very nice to play. For Quorthon, for The Legend! May you play in Valhalla. 

9. Fearless:

One evening I was wondering if I can compose any doomy and dark songs anymore. I guess I could.

I found this dark place in my mind and let my shoulders go down and let myself wander in darkness. So the song was born. Not easily because it took lot of energy to wander inside different thoughts. How much you try your still can loose everything. Another happy song.

10. Trust:

Just pain. I couldn’t get any ideas for lyrics. I believe I even rewrote lyrics for the beginning of the song one day before recording vocals. I decided to try finnish lyrics in the beginning. Really simple song and I composed the whole song while being really pissed off. 

I contacted Jan ”Örkki” Yrlund at Darkgrove Design if he got any ideas for cover art. I let him listen some demo versions of the songs and after some time he told he panted painting and it could be good for my record. And it was excellent :) One guy alone wandering in the darkness finding his way out. 

As a comment for whole creating process. Every song was worst ever and best ever depending my mood. 

Every time song structure was ready before lyrics. All kinds of problems occurred while recording this album. But all in all, I am proud of this album. It is good dark Doom death-album. Stay Safe, Stay Dark!

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