Track By Tracks: Nightblade - Ignorance Is Bliss (2020)

1. Ignorance Is Bliss:

“This subject matter has been in my head for a long time. The phrase ‘ignorance is bliss’ is well known suggesting that ‘what you don’t know can’t hurt you’. Sometimes the ‘ignorance’ can be a positive, protecting your mental well-being.” 

2. Steering The Wheel 

“This is about a fight for control. Most people have experienced and witnessed this situation in life, whether it’s in the workplace, a social group, politics and even sometimes family. There is always someone who wants to forcefully gain the upper hand, to be the dominant one.” 

3. Only You:

“This song is from the heart and is in recognition of and dedicated to a special person with extraordinary qualities. A person with the power to see the best someone, to help and guide them back from the abyss of despair, grief and desperation when all hope seemed lost.” 

4. Never Take For Granted:

“A ballad very close to my heart about my late parents. Initially I struggled to sing the song as it was so emotional to me. The lyrics are based on me conversing with them as though they were still around, chatting about various things.” 

5. What If:

“This is kind of my ‘political statement’, highlighting my frustration at all the problems in the world; corruption, greed, deforestation, emissions, pollution of our seas and rivers, and constant abuse of our planet and its resources. It’s my evaluation of what needs putting right in the world” 

6. Further From The Truth:

“This is about someone who is so adamant and convinced they are right about everything, and in doing so lead people close to them ‘up the garden path’. I guess we have all known someone like that in our lives at one time or another. It’s only when you get to the end of the path that you realise how wrong that person was.” 

7. Take Me As I Am:

“This is a story of an individual who has initially done things in life incorrectly. Alcohol and drug abuse led to mistreating people close to him. Eventually he realises his mistakes, regrets a misspent youth and now tries to make amends; but he becomes disillusioned when people don’t accept that he has changed.” 

8. Immune To It All:

“Have you ever met a person that has been through the mill to such an extent that anything seemingly major just bounces off them with no effect? They have actually been through so much grief that they are numb; even the most serious things now appear insignificant.” 

9. Find The Strength Within:

“This is a song about losing loved ones and the feeling, anguish and thoughts that it provokes. It’s a journey of trying to pick up the pieces and having to continue with life in a different mind-set.” 

10. Stop:

“This is about the fast and furious pace of life, not having enough hours in the day, running around erratically from place to place against the clock, just to get through life. At times there seems to be no rest in life, there’s an overwhelming feeling of being trapped in one big rat race.”

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