Track By Tracks: Within Nostalgia - Void and Decay (2020)

1. City of Nameless Faces:

The name of the song is actually referring to Toronto and the congestion of the population of the city. The lyrics talk about the consumerism and chaos as well as the mindset of many big city dwellers. 

2. Beneath Unworthy Presence:

This song talks about nature and its desire to take back its health and recover from what damage humans have done to it over many, many years and that natural disasters are the karma of what have been done here on earth. 

3. BlackLight:

Lyrically this song relates to a depressed state of mind and a collective depression of society. All of us try to see the light but with the many anxieties and depression that we face as a whole, a lot of the time it is a “black light” that we see. 

4. Higher Than My Fears:

This song is about delusions and self-sabotage, not only personally but of the whole of the world. It relates to the mental state of society and how we are "one big mental disorder" as most of us live in fear, or have major anxiety in day to day life. 

5. Desideratum:

Desideratum means something that is needed or wanted and lyrically it relates to the current state of society with the pandemic and that things like this are necessary to teach us a lesson and to depopulate for the better of the earth.

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