Band Biographies: Darklore

Darklore are a five piece metal band hailing from Brisbane Australia bringing forth blackened hymns from both familiar and foreign realms to deliver a fresh, unique and long awaited sound. Such a sound can only be obtained from having an immense undying passion, coupled with a broad range of strong powerful musical influences. 
Darklore’s music is best described as a hybrid between alluring epic melodic symphonic riffing, coupled with various thrash aspects. Vocals carry the spirit and elements of black and death, whilst the lyrical content falls under dark fantasy, telling tales from popular lands such as The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones to their very own realm of darkness.Regardless of your musical preference, there is something within Darklore that will resonate with you. Check us out and join our Legion. 
Darklore are:

Raivendark – Guitar & Vocals
Hargoth – Bass & Vocals
Nerevar – Drums Magus
Morgath – Keyboard & Vocals
Luna – Guitar

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