Band Biographies: Ninth Degree

“Ninth Degree are a 5-piece Rock band from Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in September 2018 out of the ashes of Misselbrook & Watt which was a small project between two of the band members Hamish and Cameron. Ninth Degree have developed a strong DIY work ethos and aren’t afraid to do things a bit differently having 3 lead vocalists and 2 lead guitarists allowing for a truly unique sound. Their goal is to bring fresh and exciting new music to the Scottish scene drawing on influences from Modern Rock, Alternative Pop, Progressive Rock and Folk. 

Throughout 2020 Ninth Degree have produced a series of Lockdown Sessions on YouTube including filming and recording a cover of the entire “The Works” album by Queen. As well as covering Catfish And The Bottlemen, Whitesnake and recording a “Live in Lockdown” album at Bannerman’s Bar Edinburgh.” 

Feel free to cut some parts it if it’s too long.

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