Band Biographies: Skyborn

Skyborn originated from the eager desire of its four young members to write and play heavy music. Lukas (vocals, rhythm guitar), Julian (lead guitar) and Paul (bass) grew up in Munich. At the age of six, the three started to explore the world of music: while Lukas and Julian played guitar, Paul accompanied them on the piano. Eduardo (drums) developed his musical skills in his home country Ecuador. 

In 2012, Lukas, Julian and Paul formed a cover band with ex-roadie Florian Menhart, young actor Jonas Holdenrieder and Melanie Meincke. Florian was the guy who led them to listen to heavy bands, such as Motörhead, Metallica, and Children of Bodom. After local success, the three decided to venture into creating their own music. 

Still, they needed a drummer. The band was finally consolidated in 2015, when Eduardo moved to Munich from Quito, Ecuador. After a positive audition and some beers, Skyborn found the appropriate chemistry to step into the path of metal. 

Lukas was inspired by Metallica, Rammstein and The Beatles, whereas Julian enjoyed listening to Wintersun, Devildriver and Gojira. Paul got his inspiration from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and classical music, while Eduardo loved listening to Lamb of God, Children of Bodom and Dream Theater. Under the influence of classic rock and different metal styles, Skyborn creates music which appeals to a broad variety of metalheads. 

In honor of the good old days, the debut album was named Paradise Falls - a homage to the former cover band.

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