Behind The Artworks: AVALAND - Theater of Sorcery (2021)

I’m mad about Roger Dean’s and Rodney Matthews’s works (Asia / Yes / Magnum / Praying Mantis …) . So when I decided to work with the talented Stan W. Decker (the French Touch haha !) I asked him to inspire from Magnum and Yes covers for the style. I also showed him the principal idea with a photoshop montage. Stan also designed us a beautiful logo, inspired by a first one (fun fact) my mother designed. 

The character we see on the cover is the main one of the story, Adam Wilstorm, wandering through a magical and mystic forest, on the road for his quest. I like to link the moment of the artwork with the 7th track of the album: “Never Let Me Walk Alone”. At this point, Adam is alone and asks for some help in the void of his solitude and a guardian angel comes to guide him. 

I love so much Stan’s work for “THEATER OF SORCERY”, he perfectly reproduces the spirit of our debut album. I will for sure work with him again for the. Second album !

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