Behind The Artworks: BYRON - The Omega Evangelion (2021)

The idea of horse or horses in the cover came from a goofy picture of wild icelandic horses taken by Markus Laakso on his trip there. The picture would have been split in two and used as two ep-covers this album was originally planned to be. But when the plan of two ep's melted into one full-lenght, only the idea of horses remained. And, well, horses? Man's oldest war machine. Not much about it. I think my very first facebook entry with Byron was "There are horses with no name, but there is a band called Byron.", referring to the folk song by America.

Anyway, I went browsing on Finnish National Gallery pages with a keyword "horse" in urge to find a cover art and this painting, "Mazeppa on the dying horse" by Eguene Delacroix (the author of the more popular work "La Liberté guidant le peuple" ) caught my eye with its strong athmosphere, so I decided this would be the perfect cover. Luckily it was marked copyright free, but I still sent them a message about my intentions and they were happy about it.

Later on I looked into the paiting more to find out what's it all about and learned it was inspired by a poem "Mazeppa" (1819), by Lord Gordon Byron. This was a pure coincidence and I swear I did not plan this or know anything of the painting before - it was just the original horse-picture of mr Laakso that brought me here. Funny things happen!

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