Behind The Artworks: MARBLE - Heartless Disease (Single) (2021)

The artwork for the single is simply an extract of the main artwork of the album, created by Finnish artist Jan Yrlund of Darkgrove Design. The main artwork, on the other hand, is a complex paint, featuring the main figure of “Our” woman, who appears also on the cover of our first album “A.t.G.o.D.”, outside a temple-like building. But there’s more. You can notice lots of elements like the peacock, the sleeping dog, the treasure, the apple, the snake, the sword and spear, the chalice, and last but not least, the woman’s shadow has angel wings, a reference to our first album’s cover. So, there are lots of layers that need to be discovered by the viewer, just like the lyrics can be understood on many levels by the listeners. We kept almost everything with a double meaning, like the album title, or a double vision. Take our band logo for example. Turn it 180 degree and you’ll find you’re watching the same logo. We hope everyone following us will try this little game and maybe send us a comment!

Thanks for your time!

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