Behind The Artworks: OF CONCRETE GODS - Good Samaritan (2021)

1.Who designed the artwork? 

Ricky at Shujinko Visuals – 

2.What does the cover artwork represent (please give 50 words)? 

The song is about duplicity, lies and deceit. The idea that we hide behind easy lies, instead of facing hard truths. Ricky tried to represent that with the woman in shadows, hiding behind the veil that the song talks about drawing back. 

3. Also, please feel free to add any other relevant information about the artwork too, thanks. 

We stuck with Ricky after he also did the artwork for our debut “Obsidian” - That artwork represented the man stuck behind his own inability to connect with other people, trapped in a prison of his own making. We like the idea of building up a visual journey as we release more material.

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