Behind The Artworks: Zebadiah Crowe - Lych Milk (2021)

We work with the very talented Mr Maggot meister of all things rotten for our artwork. He puts up with me telling him my ideas and showing him sketches and I have to put up with his near habitual nudity. We make it work. 

Now how many albums do you see with black and white images and an unreadable logo? Lots. So we kinda decided we wanted to do almost the opposite. I’m a massive Voivod fan, so I was pretty sure I wanted neon colours, like m-body. So the brighter the better almost and so they were almost fighting each other, so we decided to use pastel shades with it as well. He he. 

So maggot asked what the title was and I told him it was going to be called Lych Milk (yeeeeah looking back I knew from experience that I was gonna get somthing with bodily fluids all over it as soon as I said that) and that we wanted a near bio mechanical sort of thing going on and then I basically stepped back. (Believe it or not I try not to micro manage). About a week goes past and he came back with what you see only... well... let’s just say there were more tentacles squirting stuff everywhere. he he. But... we got there eventually.

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