Behind The Tracks: Nail Splitter - Never Sleep Again (Single) (2020)

The lyrics of Never Sleep Again tell the story of a young mage who wandered deep into a witch’s psychic domain while clumsily astral projecting. After being caught, she haunts his dreams until his psyche blocks them out entirely because of the deep agony his subconscious is in. He tries his hardest to undo the mistake he's made, but to no avail. The witches spell prevails. 
Digging deeper into the symbolic meaning, it has to do with the veils we put over our eyes to stop ourselves from chasing dreams. The tendency to blame others for our shortcomings, or the unsatisfactory nature of our lives is all too human. Blindly pushing forward into something we have no understanding of, instead of taking a step back, continuing to destroy the bodies we've been given. It's no wonder we've been cursed into the physical limits of our consciousness; how much chaos and destruction could be unleashed on all had we been allowed to stay in that hallowed place.

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