Behind The Tracks: NANGA PARBAT - Demon In The Snow (Single) (2021)

"From the icy landscapes of the Siberian taiga an old, vengeful demon emerges from the forest, its quest - to destroy and eradicate every sign of poachers from its territory." 

"Demon in the Snow '' is a song about a lone siberian tiger, eagerly desired by poachers for the fur, that starts to hunt the hunters themself to claim its territory and to extirpate the intruders. 

We would like to switch the dialectic of the human hunter and the animal prey, this man-eating Tiger represents the spirit of the forest itself and like a vengeful demon will counterbalance the cruelty of human activity towards the environment. The iconic image of an animal as a righteous demon acting by the side of nature is a recurrent theme on "Downfall and Torment" which is indeed a concept album that focuses on the struggle between humans and the natural world.

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