Behind The Tracks: Ninth Degree - Fade Away (Single) (2020)

"Fade Away'' is the second studio single from Ninth Degree. It was recorded back at the start of 2020 by Nicholas Franck of Mix By Nico and was tracked live in the studio allowing the band to capture the raw energy and emotion of the song. The song was then mixed and mastered by the band's guitarist Cameron Watt in his studio. Ninth Degree knew they wanted to put their best foot forward in 2021 and so enlisted the help of local legend Sam Hayles of Dose Productions to design the artwork for the track. The song will be released at midnight on New Year's Eve with an accompanying music video shot during the recording process. The band have used this artwork to design a collection of merchandise including a 7" vinyl which will be the first time a Ninth Degree track has been offered on vinyl.

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