Track By Tracks: Alpha Boys - Saviours Of Rock 'N' Roll (2021)

1. To war:

The first track on The album, it is what it says, a warchant that is against The sober ones. Its like a when you were a youngling and The senior partydudes "trained" you in The way of The beer. 

2. No Girls allowed:

Its about The guys around The world that never grew away from The Girls and boys bacilli thing. Most childish song on The album! 

3. A fucking King:

Its about The man Who has everything, a Nice car, hot wife, earns alot. But The bakground to this is that he has a really small penis. A song about compensation.
4. Han(d) solo:

First single from The album. The title says it all. Its about masturbating to your wildest star wars fantasies. 

5. Current report:

This is about a lonley man Who just wanna find love. His ways are a bit radical as he tries to find it through an adult magazine. Will he succed? 

6. Georgina W Butch:

This is a story about a prostitute Who lives in at a trailer park. The song takes a turn and is more about her husband Terry, than it is about her. Catchy and sad. 

7. JC:

This song is about Alpha Boys best friend, Jonas Carlsson, or JC as we call him. The most godlike man Who has walked The earth. So this is a tribute to him. 

8. Drunk on a Sunday:

This song is about to live through The pains that The saturday night gave you. The solution of drinking some more beer. Skip sunday school and have fun with your friends insted. 

9. Too smart to be sober:

Second single from The album. A thrashy track about that life is more than work. Enjoy it with friends, beer and Jerry Springer. The title says it all. 

10. Alpha Boys:

This is our anthem, if you a looking at The title at least. This is The story of how God created The world, but with a twist that he created humans as people Who drink and those Who dont.

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