Track By Tracks: AMORIELLO - Dear Dark (2021)

The title track to Dear Dark opens the EP and features the vocal intensity of Immortal Guardian/ex- Outworld member Carlos Zema who demonstrates a range that would make a young Rob Halford proud. This is a mid-tempo romp that musically was influenced by 1980's non-Ozzy era Sabbath with lyrics by Amoriello/Zema and also includes current Malmsteen bassist Emilio Martinez, former Cacophony live drummer Ken Staarouplos and Deadrisen keyboardist Anthony Stahl.

This Burning Evil is the first single featuring the exact lineup as the opener with lyrics penned by Amoriello influenced by the supernatural cinema that terrified the masses and religious institutions during the 1970's.

The title of Thirty Four Strings of Fury is a spoof on a Bruce Lee film title but features some of Amoriello's favorite guitarists in the guest spot including Ronnie LeTekro of Norway's TNT, the Italian Metal Blade artist Alex Masi, former Shrapnel alum Toby Knapp and former Megadeth/King Diamond Glen Drover. Impellitteri bassist also sets up the fretless bass melody for the guitarist to shred.

Magic Wand (Abracadabra) was inspired by the circus music of yesteryear and is the most experimental track on the recording creating the stage for the 'evil magician". Dokken/House of Lords drummer BJ Zampa is one of the ringleaders.

The final segue into Milan's Dream is from the Spanish Renaissance composer Luis de Milan who wrote for the vihuela and wrote one of the first "guitar methods" in history. Amoriello penned the somber lyrics for a vocal duet of Carlos Zema and Brazillian actress Bellatrix Serra.

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