Track By Tracks: Duskwalker - All They Know Is Fear (2020)

1. The Return: 

It's an instrumental that represents the triumphant return of Duskwalker A great set up for the album.

2. Dimensional Collision:

A song about experiencing the meshing of dimensions and realities. 

3.The Crawling Tongue:

A song about the mysterious H.P Lovecraft character Nyarlathotep. 

4. Madness Unleashed:

It's a song about going mad. Feeling isolated. Giving in to absurd thoughts. 

5. Dyatlov Pass:

A song about the strange Siberian hiking tragedy that claimed 9 hikers' lives.
6. Shadowcreeper:

A song about the phenomenon of dark shadow figures terrorizing people. 

7. Bielek:

A song about Al Bielek a man who claimed to time travel to the future and back. 

8. Domus Volante Noctuae:

An instrumental guitar piece used to diversify the album's flow. 

9.The Crushing Weight Of Guilt:

A song about the guilty conscience of a top-secret government scientist and this knowledge of power beyond expectation. 

10. Masters Of Vril: 

A song about the occult Thule Society during WW2 and their belief in extracting a life force known as Vril. 

11. Ripping Terror:

A monster song about a flesh-eating mutant alien bat, unstoppable and terrifying.

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