Track By Tracks: Maudiir - La Part Du Diable (2021)

1. Fracture:

This song is pure speed thrash metal and is about blind religious fanaticism. It has a kind of “rotten roll” Carcass feel. I really like the guitar solo so it’s really loud in the mix. 

2. The Slumber:

The song starts on a big bass riff flirting with drone guitars and explodes into an epic instrumental black metal section. The first guitar solo has a blues feel over a black metal rhythm section, which is something I wanted to do for a while. The lyrics are about the worst personality traits we have seen an awakening in some people, and that might have stayed dormant if not for the current health crisis. 

3. The Fortunate Few:

I see this one as a black/thrash hybrid. It starts with a blast beat section and then goes into a fast picking thrash riff. It’s about the puppet masters that manipulate governments. 

4. Spirit of Sulfur:

This is where it starts to get more experimental on the EP. The song flirts with thrash and punk, and then goes into a kind of space rock instrumental section. I wrote this one entirely on the bass guitar, which is new for me. The lyrics are about deceitful leaders grinding down their countries. 

5. The Crowning Hour: 

This is another track I’m really proud of. Experimental, mixing prog influences with black metal. The song is about the crowning moments of stupidity and absurdity we have observed this year. It is the first song I wrote for the EP and it took me a while to get the final arrangement right. Sections got flipped around before I found where I wanted to go.

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