Track By Tracks: MYRHOLT - Retterting (2020)

1. Rettergang:

‘’Rettergang’’ is simply Norwegian for ‘’Trial’’. ‘’The Trial’’ is song I was asked to do for a Dead Can Dance tribute. This tribute never happened due to some copyright issues. 

2. Til Hinnoms Dal:

‘’Til Hinnoms Dal’’ is a track from the upcoming album ‘’Sjelebot’’. It’ll be the third track on the album. It contains a message left in my voicemail by a dude from Jehovas Witnesses. They never seem to give up. 

3. Drep og Drep Igjen:

‘’Drep og Drep Igjen’’ is Norwegian for ‘’Kill and kill again’’. ‘’Kill Again’’ is a song I did for the Antichrist Webzine tribute to Slayer. 

4. Hamingja:

‘’Hamingja’’ is an acoustic version of the fourth song on the upcoming album. 

5. Hint fra Universet:

‘’Hint fra Universet’’ is my translation and interpretation of the Black Sabbath song ‘’Symptom of the Universe’’. Simply because I dig it. 

6. Antydninger fra Kosmos:

‘’Antydninger fra Kosmos’’ is an instrumental version of a song from an yet untitled upcoming album.

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