Track By Tracks: Phantom High - Black Divine (2020)

Peril: Black Divine, broadly, and metaphorically, this song is about weathering oppressive social conditioning, by way of cathartic expression. The ancient Egyptians use the term Sacred or Divine Feminine to describe the force behind many of the arts. “Black Divine” is a take on that philosophy or belief, and because it also references gender in a non-binary framing, I really liked the way it all tied in. 

I wrote the verses “eyes are rolling, eyes patrolling”, talking about being mocked, and being singled out as not normal, this is often how I feel in social settings. I made the verses extra “poppy” and over the top to feel prosthetic, and a little fake, in conjunction with how I feel pretending to be “normal”. The song is simply a tribute to my dark passenger, because she has been the one place I could turn to when I didn’t feel like suffering my “reality”. When I feel weak, I remember that I am her, and I feel empowered. 

Metaphorically there is a duality, but for me personally, in a literal sense, I wrote the song about being someone else inside and having to hide it all my life, for the nasty people who watch for people who don’t fit into their box, and then “come for them”, the stone-throwers, it’s my way of saying, “I see you waiting for me, but I don’t care, I’m not afraid”. I’ll fight you while I’m listening to Britney Spears! LOL 

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