Track By Tracks: Scepter Of Eligos - Inverted Illusion (2021)

1. Reabsorbed:

A deep contemplation on death, the kind that comes from meditation in a dark crypt lit only by fire. When we die we become ‘reabsorbed’ into the earth and soil and our corpses become plant food. Death and the deceased surround us at all times whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.

2. Biological Possession:

This song was written in 2014, yet only feels more relatable after the pandemic. It is about demonic possession as a metaphor for bacterial/viral infection and the loss of control over one’s body or mind that occurs in both. It is intended to sound sludgy, dirty, and gross to really emphasize the diseased atmosphere.

3. Starless Chasms:

An instrumental track that was predominantly written during sound checks at shows we’ve played at black sky brewery, it has a more organic jamming quality that we wanted to emphasize since that is how it was conceived.

4. Inverted Illusion:

A short burst of hallucinogenic delirium, this was inspired by an intense LSD trip where I almost lost my grip on reality and got a taste of the blissful madness of the beyond. Death is a shared illusion of an ending, the memory and essence of a person can linger for a while. I would say it is better to leave this dimension entirely.

5. Procession of Spectres:

Our longest song at ten minutes, these lyrics were co-written by our drummer and are vaguely on the horrific treatment of the prisoners of WWII concentration camps, and how haunted the people and structures must have been. With that many lives being exterminated prematurely there must be an overflowing of spirits with unfinished business or vengeance for the living.

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