Track By Tracks: Warside - The Enemy Inside (2021)

1. Warside: 

An office worker without history, smooth and irreproachable, reaches a breaking point and lets his violence explode. Disgusted by the social collapse of his country, he takes up arms to uphold his own justice and settle scores with the individuals he has silently hated for years. 

2. Heroes shed no tears: 

June 6, 1944, a young American soldier lands on the beaches of Normandy with his unit. He will survive and return to the United States; he will be greeted as a hero. It symbolizes the pride and courage of a nation. But in the face of the horror of mutilated bodies and gunfire, his survival hides a horrifying tale that he must keep secret. 

3. Fahrenheit 451:

texts inspired by the homonymous novel by Ray Bradbury A man defends free will and culture in the face of the single thought imposed by a liberticidal and totalitarian state. 

4. History of violence: 

The observation of the multiple conflicts of territory, religious or ethnic which have punctuated the history of humanity. Massacres and genocides have followed one another leading the ordinary person to commit the worst barbarities by instinct of survival. 

5. Feeding the crows:

2020: Civil war breaks out in a country ravaged by social, ethnic tensions, and the silence of a corrupt government. Liesse in the ranks of the most oppressed classes, political extremism and unprecedented mobilization: The people are seized with murderous madness towards all that is synonymous with power and wealth. ; Corrupt leaders and millionaires are humiliated; tortured and left to carrion.

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