Band Biographies: Curimus

The Finnish thrash/death metal band Curimus was formed in the small town of Loimaa in 2004. The band is known for their energetic live performances and has toured, besides Finland, in Estonia & Russia. Aggressive rhythms, furious riffs and explosive live shows – that’s what Curimus is all about.

Following numerous well-received demos, Curimus released their first full length album Realization in February 2012 through their own label Freezing Penguin and distributed by Inverse Records. Then, after almost two busy years of touring, promoting the album, and writing new material, the group recorded their second album, Artificial Revolution, (released in April 2014), with producer Tom Gardiner (Solution .45, Hateform, Mors Principium Est) and engineer Daniel Rantanen at JR Audio Studios.

Their latest album Garden Of Eden was originally released in Finland by Inverse Records in October 2020, and hits the Official Finnish Album Chart at #18 and #3 on the Physical Album Chart. After the albums superb response and great reviews, it’s to be licensed and released world-wide through Sliptrick Records in 2021.

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