Band Biographies: Psonen

In the far reaches of the Holden, Maine, USA Psonen was formed in the spring of 2018 by founding members Patrick Kinkade (guitar / vocals), Stephen Baxter (drums) and Kiernan McMorrow (bass). Looking to create a new sound fusing old school thrash and black metal, they were eventually joined by Jason Snow (guitar) and Andy Eisentrager (vocals). Psonen recorded and released a self-produced three song demo at their band studio in the fall of 2019 containing original songs "White Like Wolves", "Scorched Earth", and "The Fall of Azeban" (which was later made into a live-action music video). Psonen played a handful of live shows locally, working on new material and honing their unique sound. Shortly after, Psonen mutually decided to part ways with founding member Kiernan McMorrow and enlisted Jim Violette, who was with the band until the winter of 2020. During that period, Psonen once again started tracking songs at their band studio, with Patrick Kinkade engineering and taking on bass responsibilities for their first EP — Take Shelter — which was later released in July of 2020. Around this time, Psonen also parted ways with Snow, and recruited bass phenom Ian Robertson — leaving the band with the solid lineup of Kinkade (guitars), Baxter (drums), Eisentrager (vocals), and Robertson (bass). Psonen is currently preparing to track songs for an upcoming full length album tentatively due in the summer of 2021.

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