Behind The Tracks: Fire Follows - Glass Grenade (Single) (2021)

Glass Grenade is a unique blend of hard-rock and nu-metal, incorporating scream/hip hop elements, along with a hooky/anthemic melody. The latter 1/2 of the chorus states "I let you down - So many ways - Your heart feels like - A Glass Grenade". The metaphor portrays an individual who has created tremendous suffering and strife inside of an intimate relationship, and the vulnerability the other party is often forced to endure. The Glass Grenade represents a fragile heart that is on the verge of breaking and the catastrophic damage that can be done if it does... The juxtaposition between Tim Yunker's gospel/soul style verses, and Chris's scream/hard-rock choruses help to create a dynamic tug of war that is truly emblematic of the lyrical message.

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