Behind The Tracks: THE KING'S HEAD - Mountainess (Single) (2021)

The sonic juggernaut of our debut album.

We explore the heavier side of our musical spectrum on this one. The whole 90's alternative rock movement, with it's power chord fueled, often basic song structures ,played a big role in the reason we picked up our instruments for the first time. But for quite a few us it was thrash, death, sudge and progressive metal that we were actually listening to in those days.

Our love for the heavy, dark and ugly found it's way in our music. And on this song it without a doubt shines the brightest. Pim belting it out like a hurricane at the height of it's power. Heavy, pumbling guiterwork, a esotheric almost transparant piece of music in the middle.

Dammit, just about everything we dreamed up making one day in our juvenile, teenage minds.

Fast Forward twenty odd years later and I'm writing this. I remember in the studio, sitting behind my drums, laying down that middle part of the song. Looking up abd seeing my two boys sitting in the control room. My eldest, a proud 14 year old metal kid, watching me like a hawk. I believe that's what they call full circle. Ok, enough of this rambling. Back to business. Here's a slab of our finest music. It's dark, it's melodic, it's heavy as hell and it's a story about the fucking godess of the mountain. What more do you want? Go on, take it. As loud as you can stomach. The Mountainess

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