Behind The Tracks: Last Party Ever - The Watcher (Single) (2021)

The first one is a person holding his head between his head, frightened by the idea of becoming crazy: he's spied by the watcher, the evil voice we all have in us, who's observing every move we make.

The other one is the artwork of the song, it is the final picture of our clip. The lady in black, walking toward the church with a baby carriage, symbolizes the mourning of the one who died, and the consequences of men's madness.

"The Watcher" is a song about listening to our evil inner voice and let it take control of our life, pushing us to destroy everything we love, as well as ourselves. We tried to represent what can happen when you let the bad side of you take the control, and that losing everything can happen very fast if you don't take care.

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