Behind The Tracks: Wolfanger - Hunter & Prey (Single) (2021)

We came up with a final vision of the song concept a long time ago. The song is about the concept of hunt. There’s a hunter and there’s a prey but no one knows who will prevail until the final moment, the chances of both are equal and prey can turn the tide and become a hunter, or nobody can survive in this stand. The song’s message is about how much a tiny random chance can do with every situation we face during our whole lives but none of us notices that.
The inspiration came unexpectedly, as it usually happens (we’re sure the people with creative ways of thinking can understand us). After releasing a Wolfheart cover Mr Tuomas Saukkonen (the Wolfheart’s mastermind) has invited our vocalist Petro Solovey to record a guest vocal for their upcoming track Skull Soldiers. That was a chance to let every metalhead in the world know about us and inspire us to create a lot of cool songs.

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