Interviews About Albums: Harakiri For The Sky - Maere (2021)

1. Why did you choose to name this new record "Maere"?

JJ: “Maere” is an old name for a ghoul which is sitting on your chest during the night and keeps you from your sleep. We thought this is a good metaphor for the time we are living and for sure also for my lyrics. All these things I’m writing about also keep me from sleep and will eventually give me a heart attack one day. Ok, that’s a little bit to much, but I think you know what I mean.

2. What would you like to share about "Maere"?

JJ: I think when it comes to the sound and the production it is our best sounding album till date. We worked really hard on the mix, which took us, I think, a few months this time. Also I think “Maere” provides a good contrast to our last album “Arson”, which was way more aggressive than “Maere” is. To me it is our most depressing album till date.

3. If you’d have to pick one song from the album, which one would it be? Why? 

JJ: Not one, but two songs. They’d be “I, Pallbearer” and “Us Against December Skies, because I have to most connection to the lyrics and I think I also liked the songs most when they still were instrumentals. But lyrics are/were a huge catharsis to me and still sometimes make me sick and sad, when I listen to them.

4. Is there a special/ hidden message in Maere? If so, what it is?

JJ: That’s a very interesting question, but I think there’s none. Our songs and at least our lyrics are kinda obvious and give a good insight in our characters and the things that attrit us.

5. Would you mind sharing some of the lyrics from Maere that you love or that have great meaning to you?

JJ: Sure. It’s in both the songs I mentioned above the last 4 lines. I, Pallbearer: “One more psychosis then I am also finally done Cause the more I sleep, the less I dream And then at night I drink and clean my gun It’s me who should be dead, not you…” Us Against December Skies “What if I were smiling? And falling into your arms? Would you see then? What I can see now? So, this was us, my dear. Us against December skies I’ve spent my happiest days here. Carry us forever in your heart” But maybe my favorite comes from “Silver Needle // Golden Dawn”, a song about a couple suicide “At least believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything…” Hope that gives you a proper insight.

6. What has been the most important inspiration(s) for this album? (Musically or friends, family…) Is there someone you'd like to especially thank?

JJ: It’s life on daily basis I’d say, all the shit that is happening around us every day. I’m a pretty melancholic person, and all the things you hear that are happening in the world, or sometimes even in your circle of friends make me kinda sick. Humans are scum, and sometimes even people that pretend to love each other are fucking awful to each other.

7. How has the reception of the past released singles been?

JJ: I’m not sure, as I don’t care that much about other opinions, but when you browse through the Youtube comments, I think people kinda like the new songs. Also our PLACEBO cover is pretty well rated. The album is very long, that’s something some people have to criticize, but generally I think the HFTS Fans kinda like it.

8. Your last record was Arson (released in 2018) has there been an evolution from that album to this new one?

JJ: Yeah, like I already mentioned, I think we became pretty depressive with "Maere", also we have less quicker parts. It’s a very thoughtful album. This was no direction we chose by intention, this just happened naturally.

9. How would you describe these three years of composing this new album?

JJ: Hmm, we played a lot of shows in 2018 and 2019 and pretty matured as humans and also in our friendship. There’s a lot more harmony in the band since the autumn months of 2018. And so also the composing of "Maere" was pretty relaxed. Not when it comes to the main content of the album, as everything we composed is pretty sad, but writing the album was awesome and a necessary catharsis. We had to strife off old feelings that paralyzed us for quite some time. 

10. Would you like to add something else?

JJ: No I’m fine. Thanks for the interview mate. Hope to meet ton tour when everything is back to normal, even if I doubt it ever will. Stay Gold

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