Track By Tracks: BELLE MORTE - Crime Of Passion (2021)

1. Overture:

Into, a short teaser, shedding some light on main musical themes from the album.

2. Who are you:

The chilling sense of being watched by a stranger. Figures hiding in the shadows, steps behind your back subsiding when you turn around awaken paranoia and anxiety.

3. If only you knew:

Chapter I in a story of an unhealthy obsession and stalking, where all desires give in to the one and only will.

4. To get her:

Unleashing dark fantasies kept silent for so long. Passed the point of no return and nothing will ever be the same.

5. Beauty and the beast:

Naive persuasion attempt. The last chance for doing it right is slipping away.

6. My little demon:

Euphoria from a dream coming true is slowly fading, under the bitter understanding that you can’t force someone to feel love and appreciation.

7. Broken things:

“Broken things get thrown away”. Not just a warning, a threat: either you obey the rules or you will be physically destroyed.

8. Beauty meant to kill:

Obsession grows stronger and reaches culmination. What began with violence can only result in more violence.

9. Lace:

A dark lullaby, the kind you sing when you know nothing is going to be OK. It's about broken things that can't be fixed. It's about the choices that can't be unmade. And it's about the inevitability of death to all beautiful.

10. My legacy:

What would you say to someone who has hurt you badly, but still hasn't destroyed you completely, hasn't changed your essence and your beliefs? Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but thing is not about winning, it's about staying who we are, staying our true selves.

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