Track By Tracks: Catercorner - Catercorner (2021)

1. The Other Osmium:

Kicking off with what is probably the most extreme and experimental song The Other Osmium is an expression of dissatisfaction with an apparent lack of artistic aspiration in life and a desire to seek out the ultimate form. Drawing inspiration from unlikely sources such as geometry and philosophy it hammers it home with a crazy mix of glitchy breakcore and metal. A slice of progressive post-metal provides some respite along the way.

2. Blossom:

Blossom combines atmospheric electronica and IDM beats with some solid deathcore and almost a post-metal vibe at times. It provides an introspective moment to the EP, dwelling on an uncomfortable period of life.

3. Orchestral Grind:

Don’t make excuses or blame other people whilst being firmly in denial about it. Just keep moving forward with eyes on the goal. Be agile. Life is a continuous stream of moving obstacles; the Orchestral Grind. Massive riffs, odd synths and a dash of drum and bass tie this together culminating in a career-best solo, huge layered vocals and uncompromising blast-beats.

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